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3, 4, or 6 month Cleanings with your Dental Hygienist in Etobicoke

POSTED BY: Karnjit Mangat

Why do I have to come in every 3-4 months for a cleaning? I use to go every 9 months at my old office.

* Our Hygienists have recently been asked this question, and we have been quite surprised
* We recommend 3-4 month cleaning appointments along with good oral self care habits for patients with active periodontal disease
* 6 month cleaning appointments are common for children and for patients with relatively healthy gums
* Soft plaque hardens in 90 days, and with 9 month cleaning appointments it can further damage the tissues
* 9 month recall exams are commonly covered under insurance plans, this is when a dentist examines the gums
* This should not be confused with the recommended treatment plan for a patient for their cleanings
* Please ask your Dental Hygienist for your recommended appointment schedule and why and speak to the dentist if anything needs to be addressed right away