Invisalign treatment has been offered at our clinic for the last 5 years now.

Before and after invisalign Tx

We offer Invisalign treatment for our patients. Invsalign straightens teeth using clear aligners. These clear aligners gently move teeth over a period of time. Patients wear aligners for almost 22 hours a day. They take them out to eat or drink something. Length of treatment is different for everyone. Book your consult to find out if the treatment is right for you. Our dental office is conveniently located in South Etobicoke near Lakeshore and Parklawn road.



We are Open December 27th to December 31st

As per patient request, we are OPEN: December 27th to December 31st; Monday to Wednesday 10-7pm, Thursday 10-5pm, Friday 8-3, and Saturday from 8-1pm for Dental Cleanings, Dental Treatment and Emergencies
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Flossing and Your Dentist in Etobicoke

We recently had questions regarding the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services removing flossing as a recommended practice due to weak unreliable research.

What about Flossing and your Dentist in Etobicoke ?

  • When sugar is not cleaned off your teeth, the bacteria feeds on it and producing an acidic environment, with this combination and food pieces’ plaque is formed and a sticky coating begins to form on the teeth, the acid wears away the enamel and continues to erode the tooth
  • We know plaque hardens in 90 days, that can cause gingivitis and or even periodontal disease
  • Tooth brushing cleans all ‘exposed parts of your teeth’, but what about in between the teeth?
  • Bacteria harboured in between the teeth, can cause decay not only to the surface of one tooth, but if its left there long enough it effects the neighboring tooth as well
  • Heard a Dentist say, we will ‘’watch that tooth, floss it daily’’ well if the cavity is in its early stages, it does not always need be filled, as the process can be reversed if cared for adequately
  • Our Practice, continues to recommend interdental aids unique to our patient’s oral cavity and their oral self care habits; this may include regular floss, interdental brushes, air flosser or water picks
  • A variety of products are available to patients and it can often be confusing, speak to your Dental Hygienist on what Oral Self Care Routine is suitable for you
  • Yes, and all our staff agree, we love electric toothbrushes but if done properly and adequately regular toothbrushes may be recommended



Dental Hygienist in Etobicoke

Years ago, hand instrumentation was the best way to clean teeth, but with changes in the dental hygiene profession there is new technology available to patients.

Most periodontal experts agree that the best results for non-surgical therapy are achieved by combining the use of power ultrasonic scalers and hand instruments.

We love what we do and this includes maintenance of our equipment and replacing instruments periodically to ensure quality of care.

Your Dental Hygienist in Etobicoke is a source of knowledge for Your Oral Health, know what your Dental Office is providing and what they are doing to keep up on your Oral Care Treatment.

sharpening scalers Insert_Wear_Giude



Help Out Our Fellow Canadians

We would like to encourage everyone to donate generously to Red Cross to help evacuees in Alberta’s Beast fire. We have done our part, hopefully we can motivate more people to do the same.

Help Out Our Fellow Canadians



Dentist in Etobicoke New Patient Forms

We are always ready for Change. Save yourself the Time and Paper with New Patient Forms Online. Call Us at 416-255-9995 and we will tell you how.

Dentist in Etobicoke New Patient Forms




3, 4, or 6 month Cleanings with your Dental Hygienist in Etobicoke

Why do I have to come in every 3-4 months for a cleaning? I use to go every 9 months at my old office.

* Our Hygienists have recently been asked this question, and we have been quite surprised
* We recommend 3-4 month cleaning appointments along with good oral self care habits for patients with active periodontal disease
* 6 month cleaning appointments are common for children and for patients with relatively healthy gums
* Soft plaque hardens in 90 days, and with 9 month cleaning appointments it can further damage the tissues
* 9 month recall exams are commonly covered under insurance plans, this is when a dentist examines the gums
* This should not be confused with the recommended treatment plan for a patient for their cleanings
* Please ask your Dental Hygienist for your recommended appointment schedule and why and speak to the dentist if anything needs to be addressed right away