Dentist in Etobicoke – Flossing Daily – What are My Options?

Why Should I Flossing daily? What Are My Options?

* Flossing gets rid of bacteria that gets trapped between your teeth
* Helps prevent Gum Disease
* Helps prevent decay from forming between the teeth
* If you don’t floss, you are leaving parts of your teeth unclean

Products Available to You to Meet Your Goal of a Healthier Mouth:
* Regular Floss; Mint, Waxed, Non-Waxed (Stringed Floss)
* Floss Picks (c shaped disposable floss holder)
* Air Flosser (Air pressure with small reservoir to hold water or mouth wash)
* Water Pik (Large water unit with automated pik used between teeth)
* Interdental Brush (mini bristled brush used between teeth)

Speak to Your Dental Hygienist or your Dentist in Etobicoke at your Next Visit on What’s Right for You.

Air Flosser Waterpic Interdental brush Floss Floss Pickwaterpickfloss pickinterdental-brushDental floss on a wooden background.



Local Dentists in Etobicoke Fluent in 4+ languages

At Mystic Pointe Dental, Some of Our Team Members or Local Dentists are Fluent in:

  • Albanian
  • Polish
  • Hindi
  • Punjabi
  • Cantonese

Please feel free to Ask Questions About Your Oral Health at Your Next Dental Visit! We Look Forward to Treating our Patients with Understanding & Care.



It does not hurt or bother me, I do not think I have a cavity.

“It does not hurt or bother me, I do not think I have a cavity.”

-Disease or Decay doesn’t always have the symptoms of pain or discomfort
-Gingivitis, Periodontitis, Cavities, Damaged/Cracked fillings, Soft and Hardened plaque on teeth, worn down teeth, Receeding Gums  may not bother you until the problem worsens
-Similarly high blood pressure, low iron, small cyst doesn’t hurt
-Disease or decay Needs to be Treated regardless of symptoms
-At Mystic Pointe Dental, it is Our Job to Educate Our Patients on Decay, Disease, and Properly Caring for your Teeth, and how to detect Oral Abnormalities at Home
-Commonly Patients first come in with tooth pain, this can be an uncomfortable situation for the patient and is quite costly
-We strongly suggest being Proactive at Home with your Oral Care and making regular visits to your Dentist in Etobicoke and see your Dental Hygienist
-Its more cost effective,a healthier option, and you Reap the Benefits of your Own Health




Dental Anxiety and Fear

Dental Anxiety and Fear

There are few people who look forward to a dental visit. With vast improvement in techniques, most dental appointments are now painless. In my experience, almost 30-40% of patients have some form of anxiety associated with dental treatment.  It is manageable with various techniques – relaxation technique, medications, even simple patient management.

Origin of dental fears

There are many reasons for having dental anxiety, but most people can relate to having a bad dental experience as a child.

Some patients experience abusive or very unpleasant experience at their dentist. This increases their anxiety when they visit the dentist at a much later time. With advancement in administration of anesthesia and new techniques, more focus is on patient comfort to improve their experience rather than just getting the dental treatment done. We use very strong topical anesthetic in our dental practice in Etobicoke which helps in numbing up the tissue a lot more than usual before anesthesia is administered.

Some behaviorists believe that the fear could be from a biological reason of always trying to keep our airways unobstructed. Unconsciously, we do not want anyone’s hand or dental equipment blocking airways. If airway is obstructed in any way, basic fight or flight response is initiated which causes our heart rate to rise up.

There are people who always like to be in control. In reclined position and having dentist taking the control of their mouth, their anxious behavior takes over.

Some patients have their anxieties inherited from their parents. Their parents are usually very anxious when they go to the dentist and talk about it in front of their children. This affects children’s behavior when they grow up.

Talk to our dentist in Etobicoke dental office. We can surely help you reduce dental anxiety and provide you with best dental care possible.



Christmas Dinner with Mystic Pointe Dental Team

We all love the Holidays! Our Mystic Pointe Dental Christmas Dinner was a lot of fun!




Children’s Dentist in Etobicoke

My child’s baby teeth have cavities. Why do I need to get them filled if they are going to fall out anyways?

Baby teeth are VERY important to your child. When baby teeth have large cavities they can cause infection and and damage the adult tooth that is still developing. When the cavity reaches the nerve of the tooth the bacteria can get into the bloodstream and cause an infection inside the body. Most likely it will stay around the root of the tooth but it can move to any other place inside the body.

Bacteria that cause cavities are also contagious. If left untreated more cavities can develop or be transferred. For example, if mom has cavities she can transfer the bacteria to her child by kisses. When cavities are small they are easily filled without anaesthetic but, if they become bigger they will become sensitive and start to hurt and the child will require anaesthetic.

Without treating decay, the pain can cause the child to lose their desire to eat nutritious foods.

The baby molars in the back need to stay in the mouth until the child reaches the age of 12. We recommend your child see a Children’s Dentist in Etobicoke around the age of 12 months. Brushing at least 2 times a day, once in the morning and once at night along with flossing at least once a day will help reduce the amount of plaque and bacteria inside the mouth that can cause cavities.

Baby teeth are in place until the adult teeth erupt. Your child will lose their baby teeth when the adult ones are ready to come out. When your child loses a baby tooth early you may disrupt the order in which the teeth erupts and there might not be enough space for the adult tooth to come in. A space maintainer may be suggested to allow the adult tooth to come in.



Zoom Away with 90 Minute In Office Whitening!



Our Dentist in Etobicoke is offering Zoom Whitening for 90 minutes. Ask Our Hygienists at Your Next Visit on your Teeth can become Brighter and how to maintain your New Smile at Home. 




Happy Halloween from your Dentist in Toronto!!


Dental Decorations in our Dental Office, with that our dentist wishes a Happy Halloween to our dental clients.