Smoking and its Effects on the Oral Cavity

Smoking and its Effect on your Oral Cavity

* It is a significant risk factor of gum disease
* The chemicals found in tobacco, reduces blood flow to the mouth, preventing nutrition and oxygen needed for the gums to stay healthy, making them more susceptible to infections
* Risks include: periodontal disease, bad breath, hairy tongue, oral cancer, mouth sores, delayed wound healing, increase in build up, altered taste, cavities, and many other risks
* Speak to your Dental Hygienist in Etobicoke at Your Next Visit and See the Side Effects from Smoking




Dental Cleaning Visit!

For Our Morning Bird Patients, We Now Have Cleaning Appointments Available from Monday to Thursday 9am, Friday and Saturday 8am!




Periodontal Disease and Systemic Disease

* Patients with Diabetes are more likely to have periodontal disease because they are more susceptible to infections

* Periodontal disease can also adversely affect those with diabetes as it is in an infection that can cause blood sugar levels to rise

* Research also suggests that those with periodontal disease are at increased risk for heart disease; the inflammation in the mouth may cause inflammation in other parts of the body as it tries to fight off the bacteria

* Osteoporosis may lead to tooth loss, as the bone surrounding the tooth weakens

* Bacteria found in the mouth can also be aspirated into the lungs causing pneumonia

* Research has also indicated that patients with periodontal disease are also at greater risk for kidney, pancreatic, and blood cancer

* Good oral self care at home, with 3-4 month cleaning appointments are normally recommended

* It’s important to speak to a Dental Professional about the right oral self care solution for you



New Location Opening April 2016

Looking forward to Creating Mimico Creek Dental. Dr Mangat’s Dream Project has been Inspired by his Love for Technology, Lighting, and Design. He has been working hard for the last 2 years putting together an Office that is Modern, Inspirational, and Comfortable. We look forward to Servicing Our Patients with Dentists in Etobicoke!

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Mystic Pointe Dental 5th Year Anniversary!

Five years ago, Dr Mangat started Mystic Pointe Dental with the dream of providing dental care to patients the way he would treat his own family. We would like to thank our Patients in Trusting Us with their dental care and look forward to adapting to changes in our field and making our Patients experience memorable. Thank you to Our Staff for sharing in Dr Mangat’s Dreams. We look forward to serving Our Patients for years to come.



Halitosis – Causes and Treatment at your Dentist in Etobicoke

Halitosis, What is it? What can I do to help? What can Mystic Pointe Dental do to help?

* Halitosis can be caused by poor oral hygiene; if you don’t brush and floss regularly the bacteria hardens around the teeth and can lead to gingivitis & periodontal disease, bacteria also sticks to the tongue
* Poorly cleaned dentures can cause bacteria to be trapped
* Halitosis from Xerostomia; dry mouth can be a side effect of medications, breathing through the mouth, or issues with the glands
* Infections in the mouth; from tooth decay, gum disease (gingivitis/periodontal disease), sores
* Stones that form on the tonsils, throat infections and sinus issues
* Tobacco products

What can I do?
* Good Oral Hygiene habits with brushing 2x a day either with an electric toothbrush or manual, 1x a day flossing
* Antibacterial rinses and the use of a tongue cleaner
* drink more water, avoid beverages like coffee/tea that can further dehydrate the mouth
* Eating healthy and avoiding the use of tobacco
* Visit your Dentist and Dental Hygienist Regularly

What can we do?
* At your next Dental Visit, let us know if you are experiencing Halitosis
* Our Dental Providers, will work with you to determine the cause and provide necessary treatment which may include; reviewing oral hygiene care at home ie. brushing technique, interdental aids, tongue cleaner, rinses, how to clean your dentures, treating any gum disease/decay/disease, prescription rinse, product recommendations, referrals if needed
* Bring your Dentures, Nightguards, and Retainers to Your Regular Dental Hygiene Appointments and we will have them cleaned during your Visit



Cavity Detection

Cavities Detection:

At Mystic Pointe Dental we thrive on educating our Patients on their Oral Health. This includes understanding what causes tooth decay and how it is detected in Our Office.

* Our mouth naturally contains bacteria and with the impact of our diet the bacteria can thrive off of sugar containing foods and beverages
* the White Film (Plaque) containing acid, if not adequately removed can attack the outer layer of the enamel, forming the starting of a cavity
* As the acid erodes the enamel, it leaks into the the second layer of the tooth, Dentin, this is a place where acid and bacteria can easily grow
* If left untreated, the cavity can also grow towards the final layer of the tooth containing the pulp; often leading to swelling and pain in which case a root canal is needed or possible extraction if the cavity has destroyed a significant amount of the tooth

Mystic Pointe Dental Cavity Detection:

* At your Cleaning Visits, Our Dental Hygienists can identify possible cavities with a Diagnosis from Our Dentists
* Our Dentists use Loupes, that not only aid in Ergonomics but also allows Magnification of 2.5x to 3.5x allowing early detection and prevention of Cavities
* Each Operatory is equipped with Intra Oral Cameras that allow Our Patients to see the Cavity
* Dental X-Rays aid in the detection of Cavities between the teeth

Prevention is Key

* If a Cavity is in its early stages, often with Proper Brushing and Flossing Techniques it Can Be Reversed
* Regular Dental Exams allow for Early Detection of Caries that if treated early with a restoration can prevent large sized Restorations, Root Canals, and possible Extractions

Ask Our Dentists Or Dental Hygienists if You Have Any Questions at Your Next Visit!


dental-loupes IntraOralCamera



Teeth Cleaning by Laser Therapy in Etobicoke



Teeth Cleaning by Laser Therapy for Treating Gingivitis and Periodontal Disease:

* Used in combination with your Cleaning Appointment
* Decreases Gingival Bleeding
* Combats Inflammation
* Can reduce pocket depths ( Periodontal Measurements we do at your Dental Visits)
* Helps Reduce Bacteria in the tissues located between your teeth and gums
* Helps with Tissue Healing
* Proven to work better than Scaling Alone
* Must be used in conjunction with good oral health care habits at home

Speak to your Dental Hygienist at Your Next Visit at Mystic Pointe Dental to Learn More Ways to Keeping Up with Your Oral Health