Dental Emergency Etobicoke

Dental Emergency

Dental emergencies happen. We, at Mystic Pointe Dental, believe in attending to our patient needs promptly.  We understand that it is a very stressful situation for the patient. We try to make it as easy it is for you to be seen promptly in our Etobicoke dental office.

If you are experiencing a dental emergency, please call our office promptly and book an appointment. Time is very valuable in case of emergencies as infections from the mouth can flare up quickly.

 Most common type of Emergencies seen in our office –

 Toothache – It is very common type of emergencies. Toothache could be from various reasons. There could be serious infection in the nerve of the tooth. There could be gum infection. There could also be food trapped between your teeth. Please call our dental office and we will let you know what we can do for you.

Loose dental crownDental crown can come loose or fall off from your tooth.  If that is the case, please try to save the dental crown. There is a possibility that the same dental crown can be cemented back on your tooth. If there is cavity underneath the crown, it is very hard to put the crown back on. Please call our dental office so that we can provide your best treatment as promptly as possible.

 Tooth gets knocked out – Time is very valuable in this case. Please call our office so we can let you know what to do in your case.

Dental abscess – If there is swelling around your gums or jaw, perform salt water rinses and contact us. This could be serious infection which can easily spread and cause serious infection in the body.

 Broken teeth – If you broke your teeth, try to collect large pieces if you can find them. Contact our office to schedule an appointment for dental emergency in Etobicoke dental clinic.