Invisalign treatment has been offered at our clinic for the last 5 years now.

Before and after invisalign Tx

We offer Invisalign treatment for our patients. Invsalign straightens teeth using clear aligners. These clear aligners gently move teeth over a period of time. Patients wear aligners for almost 22 hours a day. They take them out to eat or drink something. Length of treatment is different for everyone. Book your consult to find out if the treatment is right for you. Our dental office is conveniently located in South Etobicoke near Lakeshore and Parklawn road.



What happens when I finish my Invisalign Treatment?

​            When your Invisalign treatment is complete and your teeth have been positioned into proper alignment we want to ensure your new smile remains in that position. All attachments will be removed from your teeth and a new set of impressions will be taken in order to have a retainer made for you. The retainer will look similar to your aligners, but they will be made with a thicker material (30% stronger) to maintain tooth position. You will be given a series of four custom retainers to be worn day and night for the first 6 months and continue to wear retainers every night there afterwards to prevent the teeth from regressing back to they were prior to treatment.

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FAQ – How do I clean my Invisalign Aligners?

In order to keep your aligners fresh and clean and to help minimize any staining, please ensure that you remove them when eating and drinking anything besides water as certain liquids will strain the aligners.  Before you place your Invisalign aligners back in your mouth after a meal, make sure you brush your teeth to make sure all food particles are removed from the teeth. You can other the Invsialign Cleaning system crystals straight from the Invislaign website or ask your dental provider to order them for you or you can now use your brush to gently clean the aligners. Please make sure you use lukewarm or cool water as hot water will change the shape of them or soften to the material causing them not to fit properly. Your mouth and aligners should always be cleaned before placing the aligners in your mouth. These easy steps to keep your aligners stain free.

We provide Invisalign treatment at our dental office in Etobicoke to straighten your teeth. Our dentist is Preferred Provider for Invisalign treatment.


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