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Years ago, hand instrumentation was the best way to clean teeth, but with changes in the dental hygiene profession there is new technology available to patients.

Most periodontal experts agree that the best results for non-surgical therapy are achieved by combining the use of power ultrasonic scalers and hand instruments.

We love what we do and this includes maintenance of our equipment and replacing instruments periodically to ensure quality of care.

Your Dental Hygienist in Etobicoke is a source of knowledge for Your Oral Health, know what your Dental Office is providing and what they are doing to keep up on your Oral Care Treatment.

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Mystic Pointe Dental 5th Year Anniversary!

Five years ago, Dr Mangat started Mystic Pointe Dental with the dream of providing dental care to patients the way he would treat his own family. We would like to thank our Patients in Trusting Us with their dental care and look forward to adapting to changes in our field and making our Patients experience memorable. Thank you to Our Staff for sharing in Dr Mangat’s Dreams. We look forward to serving Our Patients for years to come.



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