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Conscious Sedation Dentistry in Etobicoke for Anxious Patients

We are now offering Conscious Sedation Dentistry for patients. This is suitable for adults and children with high level anxiety. We offer Nitrous Oxide “laughing gas”. It is considered a mild form of General Anesthetic, that places you in a Euphoric state. We also offer Oral Sedation that can be administered in the form of liquid or pills. An estimate can be sent to your Insurance provider for coverage or payable directly on the day of your dentist visit. #sedationdentistryinetobicoke #dentistinetobicoke #childrensdentistinetobicoke #humberbaydentist




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We want our Patients to be aware whats happening in their mouths and that starts with knowing about your Oral Health and how it can affect your Mouth and Body. For years, we have been using Dental Software to educate our Patients on Grinding/Clenching, brushing techniques, Implants, Dentures, Braces and for which ever treatment they require. Feel free to ask us questions at your Next Dentist in Etobicoke visit.