Orthodontic Braces in Etobicoke

Getting braces can be a big change for someone to deal with and we understand that. We ensure that our patients are fully educated on what to expect and the proper maintenance procedures related to braces and invisible braces. Ultimately, we want all our patience to achieve the best possible outcome so that they can rest assured with confidence.

Having braces affixed to a patient’s teeth can be an overwhelming change for them to deal with and we recognize that fact. We make certain that our clients receive the background information on what can be expected and how to correctly upkeep their orthodontic braces. Ultimately, we aim to provide all of our patients with optimal outcomes. Affixing dental braces is usually done by bonding metal brackets to teeth, which then gradually shift teeth into a more aligned pattern, revealing a more uniform smile. Distinct from orthopedics, orthodontic devices are semi-permanent and may require months or years of wear to achieve desired outcomes.

We also offer Invisalign clear aligners as an alternative
These braces are also removable, meaning you can clean them and eat whatever it is you like!
Further, Invisalign will spare you the awkwardness caused by metal braces. They are virtually invisible to the naked eye. Click here for the official Invisalign website!

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