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Root Canal Treatment In Etobicoke

What is root canal treatment?

A root canal treatment is recommended when the need to remove an infected or damaged pulp from a tooth arises. If an infected root canal is overlooked for a long enough period of time, it can result in a serious infection that may result in the loss of the tooth. If the infection results in the need for an tooth extraction, there will be an imbalance in the arch, highlighting the importance of maintaining an effective oral hygiene regimen to inhibit another infection in the same tooth.

Why would a patient require a root canal treatment?

Root canal treatments are preventive in terms of preventing infections in teeth’s nerves from dispersing into the rest of patient’s faces. An infected root canal can also cause life-threatening infections of the neck.

How is a root canal done and how long does it take?

The tooth’s diseased pulp is cautiously extracted by the dentist to certify that the infection is completely removed, which takes roughly 45 to 90 minutes over the course of one or two scheduled appointments. The dentist requires enough time to properly extract all the infected tissue within the root canal for the treatment to be considered effective. The sanitized canal is then ready for a filling that contains either a temporary or permanent filling. When a root canal treatment is finished, the tooth loses a substantial enough amount of strength to easily fracture; hence a dental crown is highly recommended as a reinforcing and protective layer. The Dentist or Dental Assistant at Mystic Pointe Dental, Etobicoke Dental Office may also suggest that patients have a dental crown affixed so as to extend the life of a tooth. Some sensitivity is quite common and should be expected for up to a few months, but it should subside after some time.

What is the cost?

Please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss the associate cost with our Dentist in Etobicoke at Mystic Pointe Dental.