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Teeth Scaling or Dental Cleaning Etobicoke

Scaling is a form of Dental Cleaning, most commonly utilized by oral hygienists as a way to extract accumulated dental plaque or calculus (hardened tartar) that forms due to bacteria. Teeth cleaning is highly effective, yet a simple procedure that we highly recommend in order to increase the health and lifespan of your teeth.

The formation of plaque is a constant occurrence as food particles that linger after ingestion also provides sustenance for bacteria. If plaque is allowed to remain for more than 10-14 hours it becomes hardened (known as Calculus) and cannot be removed without performing a scaling procedure. Generic oral-sanitary products and other over the counter aids can be useful in regulating the buildup of plaque, but are not as efficient as our scaling treatment. Anybody can potentially suffer from plaque build-up regardless of their oral hygiene regimen and it is thus advisable to have your teeth professionally cleaned at least twice yearly. Scaling treatments do not affect teeth negatively in any sense, and with regular cleanings the efficiency of this treatment becomes much more effective.

Why does it matter?

Ignoring hardened plaque commonly leads to gingivitis, which is a symptom caused by bacteria spreading down to the base of teeth, where there are gums & your supporting jaw bone. If inflammation caused by bacteria is overlooked for a long enough period of time it can cause bones to degrade (resorption) and gums to weaken. If the bone and gums lose their grasp on a tooth, it renders the tooth mobile. If treatment is not effectively implemented the tooth may fall out.

How does it work?

Dental Hygienists utilize distinct tools to perform deep cleaning procedures above & below the gum line. Our dental practice will sometimes resort to an ultrasonic device with a fine tip that vibrates at an ultrasonic frequency. The Ultrasonic device works to detach hardened plaque from the surface of patient’s teeth without damaging them. The involvedness of dental cleaning procedures varies, dependent on how stubborn the plaque is and how often cleanings have historically been effectuated. Cleaning appointments may potentially be broken into multiple appointments to focus on individual quadrants in the mouth separately.

The best way to avoid periodontal disease, overall, is to maintain an oral health regimen that follows today’s best practices. These practices alone are sometimes not effective enough to prevent all dental issues, which is where we come in! Our “dental magic” can ensure that you can reap the benefits of having a great smile for a lifetime!
Our Dental Hygienists at our dental office in Etobicoke are very well-educated and employ the highest standards of dentistry to patients make all right choices in terms of oral hygiene.