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Zoom Whitening / Teeth Whitening In Etobicoke

About teeth whitening

Teeth can darken over time as people age, mainly due to the foods and drinks they consume. Teeth can become stained because of wine, smoking, coffee, berries etc. There is an array of available techniques to whiten teeth, with teeth whitening, performed at a dental office, being the most effective as it can whiten your teeth up to eight shades whiter.

How many shades whiter can I achieve with teeth whitening?

The shade and colour of your teeth, after a teeth whitening treatment, is dependent first and foremost on the natural shade of your teeth and staining you came to the office with. Certain patients can have their teeth whitened by up to eight or nine shades whereas some patients can whiten their teeth two shades. Predicting the number of shades that teeth whitening can achieve is very difficult.

What is Philips Zoom Whitening?

Philips Zoom whitening uses a specialized light, in combination with a teeth bleaching gel to whiten patient’s smiles. Mystic Pointe dental, Etobicoke Dentist, uses Philips Zoom whitening, among other brands of teeth whitening products. Our Dental team will collaborate to advise you which teeth whitening is most suitable for your specific requirements

How is teeth whitening implemented?

• The dentist will determine the current shade of a patient’s teeth
• Teeth will be sanitized and polished in order to clean out food particles
• Mouth props are then inserted to prevent the tongue and lips from making contact with the whitening solution.
• A protective barrier is then inserted in order to protect the gums and prevent them from making physical contact with the whitening solution.
• A whitening solution is then applied to teeth and light cured for two to three 8 to 10 minutes sessions.
• Teeth are then rinsed and examined before the dentist shows you your reflection that displays your new, whiter and brighter smile

What is approximate price of a teeth whitening treatment?

The cost depends on the brand of product used to whiten patient’s teeth.
Please book a consultation with our dental office or give our office a call regarding Etobicoke’s premiere teeth whitening services.